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By Eric Baumgardner, February 23, 2012 0 Game News, PSN, XBLA

Today, Ubisoft and Demiurge Studios announced that Shoot Many Robots, a side scrolling four-player co-op shoot ‘em up, will be available for download on March 13 for PSN and March 14 on XBLA for $9.99 and 800 Microsoft Points. Shoot… Read More »

By jflux98, February 22, 2012 0 Game News, PS3, PSN

Are you dying for some car-racing mayhem and chaos?  Then feast your eyes on this trailer showcasing one of the vehicle classes, Scout, as it uses it implements of destruction and hardcore crashing through various futuristic arenas.  Complementing the no-holds-barred… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 13, 2012 0 Game News, XBLA

Twisted Pixel has announced the 3rd in a series of themed challenges for Ms. Splosion Man beginning on Valentines day. The challenge shows up in the opening menu of the main game, but only for the duration of the contest,… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 8, 2012 0 Game News, jggh, PSN, XBLA

Shoot Many Robots is an upcoming digital title for XBLA, SEN and PC. It’s a 4 player co-op shooter. Here is a trailer for the title that introduces you to some of the robots that may be hindering you in… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 7, 2012 1 Game News, jggh, XBLA

Today Ubisoft released the newest trailer for the highly anticipated game I Am Alive set to release in the XBLA House Party 2012. The trailer gives several hints about gameplay, including lines like “..don’t get yourself out of breath.” I’m… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, February 2, 2012 0 Game News, jggh, XBLA

Get ready to grab a second controller because come this Spring no controller will be safe as a new Trials is on the way. Today RedLynx and Ufisoft released the first official trailer for Trials Evolution. The new trailer below… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, January 27, 2012 2 Game News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

BioWare has released the ‘Special Forces’ trailer for Mass Effect 3 and it shows nothing but the new multiplayer in the upcoming title. The trailer shows off some of the races and classes that you’ll be able to choose from… Read More »

By Eric Baumgardner, January 19, 2012 6 Game News, XBLA

Today Tequila Works officially announced their first entry into the vast library of XBLA games in Deadlight. A post apocalyptic themed puzzle/platformer. It may not sound original, but the sound of the gameplay sounds all win. Described as having gameplay… Read More »