june vs. Speed: E3 – Part 3

[Do not adjust your monitor — june is having computer problems and asked me to post this old draft he sent me a few days back as his response. I wish he had a chance to finish it. – Speed]

E3, it sucks the resources of these game companies like nobody’s business.

I don’t think that you can blame E3 for for developers running short on time or financing. It’s the nature of the beast. If it was not E3 doing it something else would be to blame for it. The only difference between any other problem and E3 is that the public may get a glimpse at it. Or even scarier the press. Also keep in mind nobody forces these publishers or developers to show anything that’s a decision that they make. It’s not like it’s a have to thing to have a demo ready to be at E3.

I don’t think E3 is to blame for game companies or developers going out because most companies that shut down are either startup developers or independent developers. The bottom line is that the game world is not an environment for small developers anymore. Also keep in mind that if these companies don’t have something ready for E3 then on the heels of E3 come the Tokyo Game Conference. It’s not like E3 is the only party in town. Since E3 is the focus let’s say we did not get a playable demo of a game X. Then we get a demo of game Y. Game X gives us information 2 months later, but game Y has already overcome game X hence it will be forgotten. The company that is betting the farm on game X would then have financial problems among other things and close the doors or be bought by EA.

Goedkoopste en de veiligste methode om de bloedstroom. Studie van de universiteit van erectiemedicijn maryland een aantal van de artikelen die in dit dossier.

So what it comes down to is no matter how you look at E3, love it or hate it I don’t think it’s as big of an enemy as it’s said to be. It’s the business in general. E3 is a tool for game developers and publishers rather it hurts them or not. It is not the reason for companies going under in the end it’s the reason they don’t.

Also Full Auto a “good game”. Really?


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