Iron and Steel (Zen Pinball 2 add-on)

9.3 Overall Score
Presentation: 9/10
Content: 9/10
Excitement Factor: 10/10

Challenging and fun | Awesome graphics | Two unique tables for the price of one!

Castlestorm table may not be as exciting as the Wild West table

It shouldn’t be shocking at all when we see the prime content of Zen Pinball 2 continue to give light in a form of additional virtual pinball tables. This time round, we have another add-on coming through called the Iron and Steel pack. But can players be memorized once more from this newly-added content? Let’s find out!

First is the Wild West table where, right off the bat, you bear witness to quite a complex table coupled with some awesome soundtrack playing in the background. Here, you have numerous implementations of targets populated with the western theme along with a steam engine that acts as your ball’s launcher. It’s quite creative in this respect. If you happen to get the ball past the sheriff’s badge, you will find your ball going through the second floor window. The effects are amazing with the pieces of glass shattering across the table field. It’s challenging but also satisfying as always with all the excitement and awe in place.


CastleStorm is the second table included in this add-on. While it does not offer the same degree of excitement as the previously-mentioned one, it still has a lot to offer. If you enjoyed the humorous antics from the original medieval fantasy game that this table is based on, then you’ll have some enjoyment out of this one as well. The artwork is astounding while the orchestral soundtrack helps players feel immersed in this medieval atmosphere, thus making the table stand out. take on the medieval fantasy genre. There is an area on the pinball table that will have you breaking through the castle walls, which is a nice touch included. You can even control one character named Ballista as you steer him towards the enemy using the left and right flippers.


The Iron and Steel pack is a solid add-on to have for your Zen Pinball 2. Consider this: you get two completely unique tables that offer different kinds of fun and antics. In that case, it’s going to be a hectic but entertaining ride in the world of Zen Pinball!


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