I hope this will be the start of my return to the web site. Only time will tell, but it’s nice to throw content out there again. That’s the web address I have to go check on the status of my fourth repair on my third 360. Once again I have been bit by the plague of the hardware failure. This time it’s the disk drive for the second time.

I can’t understand why Microsoft can’t do something about these hardware failures. I understand that last year they lost millions of dollars on the hardware failures. You would think that’s enough of a reason to get things straight. Maybe they did. It seems that I hear more of the disk drive problem now rather than the RRoD. So maybe they started using cheap disk drives to compensate for repairing the RRoD problem.

You don’t hear about wide spread problems with the PS3. Granted I am on my second PS3 and it’s doing fine. Also keep in mind that the PS3 cost is at minimum two times more expensive than the arcade version of the 360. That brings me to my next point. If they are still having hardware failures at the rate that they are, why are they lowering the price of each console?

Another complaint I have is Microsoft customer service. Since the amount of failures are as bad as they are you would think that when you call in it would not be a never ending nightmare. With me it always seems to happen when there is something coming out that I have been waiting for. I know that is just my random bad luck. It’s nice to have a patsy to blame it on though. The part of this that makes me so angry is that I have only had this 360 since February. I got it the day I got rid of the last faulty 360 I had.

I know that people have had more problems than I have. Even with that in mind I am still fairly upset about the whole thing. I was told I would get an e-mail in 24 to 48 hours with a prepaid shipping label. As I type this I still have not gotten my e-mail. Then again I guess I’m supposed to just look over it because they did give me a month free of xbox live. That month of live will sure make up for the six weeks that I don’t have my console, right?

[Update: Microsoft still has not sent me a shipping label. I called them back just to get the same old song and dance. They will send it in 24 to 48 hours. As I type this I am on hour 65 and still no label. I guess I am going to post this blog and put updates on the forums as to how Microsoft will screw me the next time.]


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