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I just want to start a bit off topic here.  I would like to welcome everyone to jggh.net 2.0.  The new interface on the blog is just part of our continued effort to keep improving and changing jggh.  I hope you all enjoy it and continue to have a great user experience here.

Now on to business.  I can’t speak for anyone else but I am a huge Independent film fan. I think that films that are made on an indie level are more pure and have far more to offer from a cinematic stand point.

I wanted to talk about a couple of independent films on this post.  The first is a film called Elephant. This film, written and directed by Gus Van Zant is a minute by minute account of the Columbine School shootings.   If you can take the fact that it is a fictional account based on true events it is a wonderful but disturbing film to watch.  It centers around several kids the day of the shooting and it tells each story.  Right when it gets to the climax of the scene, it cuts back to the beginning of the film to start telling another story.

With the first film in mind it is a sensitive subject to some people and I understand that.  I only suggest the above film because of the artistic value of it.  jggh.net or any of it’s affiliates DO NOT condone violence against anyone.

The next film that I am going to talk about is The Machinist.  This film may be a bit more known than most independent films.  First off it stars Christian Bale.  So that gives it the ‘edge’.  The film follows a man who has not slept in a year.   It takes you on a very ‘real’ nightmare that has become his life.  It has a great twist in the plot and I will not say anymore.  The film written by Scott Kosar and directed by Brad Anderson is a great cinematic journey into independent films.  To see the transformation that Christian Bale went through for the role is enough to make you want to see it over and over again.

As far as rating both these great films I give The Machinist 5 stars.   I would give Elephant 4 stars.  You really should check out both of these great films.  Keep in mind that they are very independent and can be hard to watch. Well I guess that’s all for this movie blog.  If you have seen these films or get time to see them be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Also if there are any movies you want to know about and just not sure if you want to watch them. Let me know in the comments and I will review and let everyone know where it stands.


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