Good-bye, Elite. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

So as my esteemed colleague pointed out, there are rumors that Microsoft might be dropping the Elite SKU from the Xbox 360 product line.  I say good!  What is the point of this console on the marketplace?  So you have the Arcade and the Premium.  The big difference between the two is that the Premium comes bundled with the high definition cables and a 60GB hard drive.  This should cover the needs of every gamer that’s out there.

“But Speedle,” you whine.  Yes, you.  I heard you.  “But Speedle, what about the 120GB hard drive?  I rip all my games to my hard drive and it’s full!”

Really?  It’s full?  Jesus, how many games are you playing concurrently that you filled up 120GB?  Fine.  Buy yourself an Arcade unit, and then spend $140 for the 120GB drive, and $45 for the HDMI cable, and you just built up an Elite (and saved yourself $15, aren’t you clever?)

Look, the economy is falling on hard times.  The stock market is at around 50% the value it had 18 months ago.  Over half a million jobs a MONTH are disappearing.  Who knows how long this situation will last?  I’d imagine that it is going to be a long time indeed before we see the thriving days of 2007 again.

Next, let’s look at the pure genius of this move in light of their competition.  Once the $399 SKU is dropped from the line, then there are no SKUs that line up with Playstation 3 price points.  In the eye of the consumer who is looking to spend a little bit of cash now to save money on constantly going out for entertainment down the line, what looks more attractive?  Saving $100-$200 on a console with a larger selection of games, or being able to play Blu-Ray movies which are more expensive than their normal DVD counterparts?

So long, Elite.  I stared and drooled at you through the glass before, but my love affair is over.  Once I slapped a 120GB drive in my Arcade unit, I realized that I could live with white just as easily as charcoal.  After all, you’re sitting in the dark in my stereo cabinet anyway.


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