Team Fortress 2 on PC for FREE*

*From May 21 through 25

OK, so maybe the title was a little sensationalist to get your attention.  But now that I have you here, I would like to invite you to come on to Steam and play Team Fortress 2 on the PC for absolutely no charge this holiday weekend.  If you like it, the game is 50% off, or $9.99.

So why don’t you go over to Steam’s website, create an account, and download and try out a highly ranked (metascore is 92 kids — that’s pretty high!) mulitplayer team shooter.  If you don’t like it, you didn’t spend any money figuring it out.

Yes, yes, I read Junegore’s post about the site switching to be 360 centric.  But I’m still a PC gamer, and you’ll see me posting several entries about the PC world as well.


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