Big Surf Island Priced!

A couple pages for Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island went live early, giving up the game’s price. This coming after the achievements where updated on Live.

People who spotted the price page before it was removed said the game will cost $12.99 (€12.99 in Europe, £9.99 UK) on PlayStation Network and list for 1000 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. I Couldn’t confirm that this morning, but it sounds reasonable considering I thought I would be 1600. Here are the achievements that are listed if you have not seen them. All of those add up to 110 gamerscore.

Smash n’ Grab – Drive through 20 Island Smash Gates
Surf Boards – Smash 15 Island Billboards
Island Explorer – Find all 15 Island Events
Crash TV Air Time – Get at least 4.5 seconds Air Time from the Ski Jump
People Person – Complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges. These can be completed by 2 – 8 players

UPDATE:Criterion Games announced today that the above information is correct.


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