E3 2009:Microsoft Style

An incredible opening by Microsoft will be hard to follow up by any of the other companies. They gave us some stuff that we knew and they gave us stuff that was a shocker to most. Keep in mind I am still tracking down trailers on YouTube, but some are already there. You can see them on the jggh Productions channel.

Well, I already covered The Beatles:Rock band. On to all the other announcements. They started presser off with Modern Warfare 2 and FF13 which comes to the 360 in Spring of 2010. Then Microsoft and Valve announced Left 4 Dead 2. It will feature new survivors and an all new campaign. It will release in November. Also announced was Crackdown 2. The only look we had was a CG trailer of the game, which is up on jggh Productions. It looks like some kind of virus is turning the city into zombies and of course you have to kill them. Also we had our first look at Forza 3. I have never been into the Forza games, but I have to say it looks very nice.

Remember Alan Wake? Well we got yet another release date for the long anticipated game. The game play looks amazing. I hope it’s worth the long drawn out wait we have had. The game has a different story than what I would have imagined. It also looks a bit more ‘scary’ than I thought. Anyway they are saying 2010, but a lot could change between now and then. I put the video up on jggh Productions.

Of course Microsoft can’t have a presser without something from Bungie. We got to see our first look at ODST gameplay. We also got a look at a game called Halo:Reach. It will drop next year. It looks like a prequel to the whole Halo series. You can see that vid at jggh Productions as well. Then off the subject of games a moment. We get to hear about Last.FM. From what I have seen it works like NetFlix, but with music. Now Kojima. Yes, It finally happened. Metal Gear is coming to the 360. Metal Gear:Rising is in development for the xbox 360. Also on jggh Productions. Also a interesting note. In the footprints of the Ps3 Microsoft will start offering games on demand in August. You will not be able to use Microsoft points, only credit cards. No word on pricing though.

Now, everyone loves the Avatars right? Well, it looks like we will be getting a new Avatar system. You will be able to win, purchase and get free items on the new Avatar system. Of course no word on release. For all you Twitter and Facebook people it looks like both services will be coming to Live. No word on any release for any of these new features. Lionhead announced their new project, but I am not up to date on it all yet. I will have more later in a recap. To end the show they brought out Steven Spielberg to promote the new motion controller called Natal. It uses no controllers. It will detect full body motion. It seems more like a gimmick than an innovation, but what do I know.

So that’s pretty much the highlight reel. I will be back later to talk about all the small things announced as well as talk about Ubisoft’s presser. Can you say Assassins Creed 2. I will also be putting new game vids up all week long so be sure to check those out.

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