jggh:Year One The Video

Over the past week or so I have been searching through tons of screens and game videos putting together a celebration video. There are a lot of shots in this video. To be honest most from Burnout, Midnight Club and WoW. The reason is we are a small community and that just seems to be what everyone has played for the past year.

I hope you all still enjoy it. This video was made with the help of several members of the jggh community. Thank all of you for your support in jggh Productions. It is only the latest venture of forth coming features of jggh.net Either way I will continue to put videos together. Think. Live. Game. Welcome To The Hour!

Sorry for the initial delay. You might also recognize the music as it is Halo music. Sorry for the lack of originality, but I fought with You Tube all day getting this up. By the way any suggestion on a new video service? Anyway, Thanks!

jggh:Year One

jggh Productions


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