jggh Update: Fall 2009

So lots of things have been happening here at jggh.net. We have a new team, new members and some returning ones. We have new affiliates and we have lots of new features.

Due to loads of technical issues this year on the site things have been moving very slow. We have had issues with everything from slight graphic issues all the way to things going crazy on the server side of things. Due to all those problems I have not been able to do all the things I had planned for the site. As you can see by looking at the front page we have made lot of changes to the style of the site and I’m proud to say these changes will be the last. The forums have been set to a default setting. It’s the Rock Band theme in the UCP settings. Through the holidays this year the forum will change to holiday themed styles, but like normal you can switch to a different style in the UCP. I will be uploading more very soon.

We have new affiliate sites. GamerMilk and Corrupted Datacore. GamerMilk is ran by fellow jggh member BigBird and Corrupted Datacore is ran by fellow member Chainer. Who I would also like to welcome back to the site. Some of the new features we have are going to revolve around the front page and the content. As you can see the categories have been changed to implement the new features. It’s pretty much just taking the categories and making them have a deeper level. Now, everything is easy to find and read.

We will now be reviewing games, movies and have new sections and featured posts. One of the new sections is called Randomology. It’s a section of the blog for jggh members to share whatever obscure thoughts they may have. I will be giving a select amount of members writing privileges to write in this section. That brings me to my next subject.

We are going to have a new yet un-named feature on the blog. I am going to give members a chance to have their own section on jggh.net. If you are interested in the new section send me an email at junegore@jggh.net to submit your idea for the section. I will also be looking for people to do game reviews, movie reviews and Blu-Ray reviews. On a closing note I want to think everyone for all the help this year so far on keeping this place on it’s feet. Thanks to everyone’s hard work this coming week it will pay off. As you may have seen jggh.net will have a Community Play Date on October 25th. You should start to see the information on the dashboard on the next few days.

Think. Live. game.


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