Blu-Ray Review: Fast and Furious

So at the completely insane Black Friday sale I picked up several Blu-Ray movies for next to nothing. Most of the titles are a few months old, but it still never hurts to do a review. Now I have talked to a lot of people who give me s*** for liking the Fast and Furious movies. Bottom line is I think everyone likes those movies and just won’t admit it, but it’s ok.

To start with the movie supports 5.1 DTS HD Sound. Seeing that option in a movie that you’re getting ready to watch and you know it has loud cars racing. Something about it just makes you feel good. Anyway. the picture is very sharp and bright. it really enhances the colors of the movie which are very bright to begin with. The races are the cornerstone of this movie from the start. Watching it on Blu-Ray just proves that statement. You see so many more things on the detail. Everything from background things to details of the car.

While watching an already impressive picture then the DTS HD sound comes into play. Every rev, scrape, hiss and slam you hear in the most intense matter that you can imagine. There is no better feeling that hear 4 cars rev before a race and the whole time your floor is vibrating underneath you.

The special features are pretty good as well. I was really hoping for more of a ‘making of’ type thing, but it’s more of a featurete type of features. Things like “The Muscle Cars of Fast and Furious” and “The Tuner Cars of Fast and Furious”. A feature that focuses on reuniting the original cast is a nice, but short watch. The movie also had bonus content. It came with a Digital Copy of the movie as well. Most Blu-Ray do these days, so it was not that great of a bonus. All in all very much worththe $10.00 I paid for it. For that matter very much worth the $29.95 retail price as well. I give it a 4 out of 5.


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