Dedication Or Stupidity?: Black Friday 2009

Since was launched I do a Black Friday report. This year was no different except for the way things happened anyway. So because of the events in the past several hours. Instead of doing a “I saw this game for this much this much this year.” I’m doing something a bit different. I am going to tell you my hectic and crazy schedule and tell you about some deals I saw along the way. For the sake of understanding how insane this was I will start on Thanksgiving morning.

Thursday November 25th, 2009 Thanksgiving Day.
Woke up at 8:30 AM and made break fast for me and my son. The rest of the day consisted of family time as well as traveling between families houses. At 10:00 Pm on Thanksgiving night I was picked up by fellow jggh member xDFx Skeletor as we headed for Toy’s R Us.

Black Friday November 26th 12:01 AM.
We arrive at Toy’s R US and are in line at 12:10. As the snow started to fall we come to realize that the line we where standing in was not only not moving, but wrapped around the building….twice. The building capacity was only 500 and the line consist of over a 1000.

3:25 AM…
We walk through he door into Toy’s R Us. The first thing that we do is grab the things that we came for. The toys for our children. That they where sold out of by the way. Then we proceeded to go the game section. Unfortunately we never made it. We where not able to get even 100 feet away from the game section.

4:35 AM…
We arrive at Walmart. Walking through door pissed off, cold, and numb and find out that the Old Navy in our area had only 6 copies of Lego Rock Band to give away. It made me feel a bit better. I found the items I was looking for in Walmart and tried to use my former employee status and grab some things early. Turns out it helped out a bit as I got to take a sneak peek into the $10.00 Blu-Ray bin and grabbed some of the movies before the sale ‘officially’ started. Also a nice find at Walmart was “The Complete Edition” of Midnight Club L.A. for only $10.00. Other $10.00 dollar games were Dead Space and GTA4. Also seen the “Game of the Year Edition” of CoD 4: Modern Warfare. Picked up Gladiator, Braveheart, Fast and Furious and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on Blu-Ray.

5:30 AM…
I pick up my son from my girlfriend at Walmart and head to Gamestop. Only to find that Gamesuck had absolutely nothing that gained even the tiniest bit of my attention. The best deal there was buy 2 used games and get a third for free. The only problem was that all the used games they had sucked.

6:45 AM through the day…
I waited for my girlfriend to get off from work as she works at Walmart. My son and I shopped around several places, but I can’t exactly remember what all I seen. Because if you have not noticed there is on terribly important detail missing from my times. I NEVER SLEPT!! I was up for almost 32 hours before I ever I went to sleep. The horrible thing is that 50% of the time time I was with a 3 year old in Black Friday crowds and traffic. needless to say Black Friday was not very fun and I did not pay a whole lot of attention to any kind of game deals. bottom line is I said I would report on what I seen and there it was.

The morale of this fair story is simple. BLACK FRIDAY SUCKS! Also leaves me asking one simple question. Dedication or Stupidity?


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