Modern Warfare 2 Review

I can be the first to tell everyone I thought MW2 would be a bad game from the start. I was wrong and I admit that I wish I could sit here and type about how crappy the game is and how I was right, but I wouldn’t lie like that.

The game is great for starters. Everything the Spec Ops, campaign, and multiplayer all have their shining moments. Yes, I know campaign would be light years better with co-op mode but hey there has to be a downside somewhere doesn’t there. Spec ops is both challenging and fun due to the different game types available. Now Multiplayer… Where to start? I mean really the maps are layed out so that everything that was in all the previous Call of Duties that people didn’t like was in some way put down. Example: Frag spamming.  Now there are Semtex, throwing knives, tacticle insertion, and many other equipment that make you wonder if going with frags is always the best way to go. I do realize I may have spelled tacticle wrong.

Multiplayer is a game of its own I mean you can play with friends, randoms, or just in ground war so that you can talk in party chat. To party chat, party chat is nice to have but do you really need it to play the game? Well the answer is NO. Nothing in the gaming book of nerds does it say party chat is needed to play Call of Duty I mean for gods sake There was no party chat not to long ago. Well my overall Rating of Modern Warfare 2 is a 5 over all and it should be noted there are some minor things I personally would like to be changed but overall this is a great game.

Think. Live. Game.



Doug Kuhn, Event Director

EDIT: rating system works on a 0 to 5 star basis.


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