Worst Week Ever


So. This week has been one of the worst documented in the book of gore. What really sucks about it is I can’t do anything about it.

To start this shit ball week out the big red brick I call my Xbox showed me the old E74 screen. Yes, it happened…finally. The odd thing is that it will still cut on and play for 20 or 30 minutes at a time. After that it just…goes off. then my PC started to go on the fritz. For those of you who don’t know I’m not PC literate. The simple answer here is to just buy everything new. Also for those who don’t know I buy a new console every year. Rather it be a Xbox or a Ps3. This year it was a Ps3. That’s what the plan was then I find out that my income tax refund is delayed.

So to be honest this may effect the All Nighter this weekend. For those of you who have listed tags for the event, please still play for the sake of jggh. I will buy the game and we will play, but I have to get all these issues worked out on my end. I will have more details as they come available to me.


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