They Pushed ‘Mii’ Too Far


Earlier in the week I decided that since my girlfriend never played her Wii anymore that it was time to sell it. She agreed. Three days later she decides that she wants it back. I guess she did some thinking that she had an Animal Crossing save that she had put like 4 years into (including the DS version). So trying to be a supportive guy and and gamer I decided to go and buy her a new Wii. Well, little did I know that’s when the trouble was going to start.

To begin with after buying the new one and taking a SD card to the guys house who bought the old Wii I find out that Animal Crossing saves can’t be copied or moved. Nintendo will not allow it in order to stop people from cheating. They still allow you to change the time though. Just not give you the save game that you have worked on. So the only thing for me to do was offer to trade a brand new Wii I just bought to this guy for the old Wii I just sold him. He then tells me that he has been playing Virtual Console games I downloaded. So I decided to move them to the SD card and it won’t work. I try to find a way to re-download them to the new Wii, but no luck. So I called Nintendo and that’s when I washed my hands with Nintendo…

Apparently you can’t get the things that you pay for on another Wii. If you buy something off the Virtual Console or Wii Ware you CAN NOT ever have it another Wii. If your Wii breaks or something happens to it you just have to buy it again. I have read all sorts of horror stories online about people losing the content they have downloaded. Some people lost as much as $300.00 worth of content.

I have been against the Wii since the start of the systems life. That will NOT be changing anytime soon. I think that the Wii is a souped up GameCube and the only way it’s surviving now it simply because they have not ran out of motion gimmicks yet. Nintendo claims that they revolutionized the game world with the Wii. I’m not going to say they did not. What they don’t mention is while they were busy revolutionizing the world me and people like me moved on without Nintendo. They can only ride the Mario train so far and honestly I hope that train stops soon. I hope that with all the DS models we are getting and rehashed Mario bull shit that this will be Nintendo’s last run at revolutionizing anything.


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