Movie Fans Suck

A couple of days ago I was reading about some Toy Story 3 news and was very upset by what I read. Then today I read another article and seen the same things. Not in the actual article, but in the comments by all the ‘fans’. There are so many people who hate Pixar’s Cars. Now, I’m all for having an opinion, but I also beleive that if you have an opinion it should be somewhat valid and have logical explanation.

Now, at first I thought that it was just me being bias in my thinking because I have a four year old and his favorite movie in his young life is indeed Cars. That being said I have seen this movie, I know 150 times. So, the first day I read all these comments I let them roll and paid it no mind. Today not so. Simply because this hatred for Cars is not the subject of my ranting. It’s only the tip of the sword. In all these comments everybody wants one thing; “A sequel to The Incredibles.” Now, as a huge Pixar fan I too would love an Incredibles sequel. Fact of the matter is I think that due to Pixars incredible ability to make movies some people have forgotten why most animation movies are made. CHILDREN!!!

Just because someone over the age of 15 hates Cars that does not mean that children do. Which leads me to my point. Movie fans are the most piss poor group of people on the face of the planet. I include myself in that group as well. We can see a 20 second clip of something and automatically decide if it’s he worst film ever, or the greatest. No one should be able to do that. Not even the gaming community is so cynical when it comes to placing judgement. I think that in a nut shell is why the movie industry has become the suck machine that it has. Hollywood started listening to the fans and things just become a big rehashed sequeled piece of shit. Maybe if Hollywood did not listen to what we wanted and just gave us what they thought we needed movies may not be so bad. We are lucky to still have Production Company’s like Pixar who make what they want and always do it good.


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