PS3 firmware 3.40

PS3 firmware update 3.40 is on the way “soon,” according to Sony, but since it adds the framework for PlayStation Plus, which launches tomorrow, we think it’s safe to expect the update to arrive today or early tomorrow.

In addition to support for the new subscription service, firmware 3.40 adds a few new features to the XMB. The photo gallery is now enhanced with sharing capabilities, allowing users to upload to Facebook and Picasa, browse and comment on photos, and share photos with PSN friends. And strangely enough, you’ll now be able to edit video on the PS3 through the new “Video Editor and Uploader” function. Those videos can then be put on Facebook or YouTube directly from the PS3.

In addition to these new media sharing options, users can now rate PlayStation Store purchases with up to five stars (which was a totally original idea when a certain website started doing it), and have access to more power-saving settings, including a default automatic-turnoff time of two hours.

The most interesting new PS3 user experience upgrade is actually totally separate from the PS3. Sony is introducing a PSN application for Facebook, allowing users to display their PSN profiles directly into their Facebook accounts, view friends’ profiles, and send PSN friend requests through Facebook. Yes, you’ll be able to use one social networking service to invite your friends to connect with you on another.

Source: joystiq


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