Getting the Gang Back Together

Yes, I know that the title sounds like some sort of cheap line from a western made in the 60’s, but it’s the only way I could think to phrase what I wanted.

In 2007 before this site was created and before I met the amazing people I have met though the inter webs and LIVE I started playing Burnout: Paradise because I’m a Criterion Games fanboy. I know that I am and that’s the reason I have yet to review NFS. Because I know that my review would be bias. I also know that I truly love the new Criterion made NFS and I think it may be the best NFS game yet. There seems to be only one thing missing from playing the game. All the people that I played Burnout with.

If you are reading this and you played Burnout with me and the original jggh crew or you are reading this and you are a part of the original crew I strongly urge you to BUY THIS GAME. Only if you where in on those game sessions in the late hours of the night would you have any understanding of what I speak. I have already got a few older members back to playing and it’s been a freaking blast.


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