Still here but Absent

I’m very sorry for the lack of participation on my part as of late. I have had lots going on with the holidays approaching and all the joys that go along with that.

The only free time I’ve had has been when I’m gaming. I have always said since I started this site that I would never give up gaming for this site. I intend on that staying the way it always has been. I don’t get paid for nothing on this site so for me to treat it like a job would be upsetting and out of place. I have been playing several games and enjoying them all. Really liking Fable 3 with the exception of all the damn glitches that has just slaughtered it. Great to know that DLC is coming out in a couple of days and they have not even fixed all the really bad shit yet.

Speaking of DLC, the Halo: Reach DLC is just a couple of weeks away. I have all but layed Reach down due to my ever growing frustration with pretty much everything about it. From the players right down to the maps. Will I still buy the DLC? Yeah, I will. I’ll play it for a few weeks and then I’m sure I’ll lay it down again, but you never know. If all goes to plan I’ll be laying everyting down for a while next week. I have yet to get NFS yet, but it will happen…SOON.

I also have some more reviews upcoming. Including Pac-Man CE DX and Arcania Gothic 4. Till next time thanks for playing.


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