DC Universe Online: First Impressions (Ps3)

I just want to let you know that before you read this, I am not a huge fan of MMO’s and I do not play them often. I am simply giving you my opinion of the beta at this point. So if I don’t use MMO speak or I seem like I have no clue to the negatives it’s because it’s true I really don’t. Anyway here we go.

When first turning on the game you are greeted to the awesome launch trailer that we seen a few months back. Lex Luther explaining the story to you and giving you the general idea of the game. The you go straight to the character creater. The creation options are pretty broad and you can pick everything from your general appearance to what kinds of ability and powers you will have.. Of course you also pick you alliance being either Hero or Villain. There are two server to choose from when creating the characters. You can pick PvE or PvP. I have characters on both, but I have noticed that I tend to get lots of crashes on the PvP server. Not to say that you won’t crash on the PvE, but not nearly as much. I know crashes are a part of the beta and have not real complaints with them. Well, I hope that’s the case anyway.

When combat starts you are thrown into a battle on a Braniac ship and must make your way off. The ship is basically the standard tutorial for most games just showing you the basics and what you need to know. After leaving the ship you are placed within Gotham City to either start causing destruction or saving the world. Combat is just like any other third person action game and also one of the great traits of the game. It really feels like someone who does not play MMO’s can just pick up and play the game just like any other game. As you level up you will start to get more missions and with those missions come plenty of new loot. Everything from currency to capes can be found.

I have not played a whole lot of the game in general just because I have so many games going at the moment. When I get further along in the game and have more of a grasp on what the game feels like when playing with other people I’ll update this post. At this time the servers are pretty low in population and not many people to play with and the people you find are not very social. So after the servers pick up and more people are on the beta I can give a better impression. I only wrote this because several people have asked me how it is. Well, there you go.


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