Looking for Team Members

Things are ramping up here at the site. We are getting more games to review, are starting to get our first disc based games and traffic is steadily climbing. Suddenly this isn’t something Eric, Jack and I can do on our own. Add into that fact that my schedule is filling up with college next week, and we need some more people.

In advance, these aren’t paying positions. We don’t have any of those. What these jobs do offer is the ability to have your work published on a site with a 3 year track record.

So, what are we looking for?

  • Reviewer
    • Duties: Review games
    • Application Method: Send a review of a game you own (Minimum 400 words) to bryce@jggh.net
  • Opinion Columnist(s)
    • Duties: Weekly or Bi-Weekly Opinion Articles, Occasionally may be tapped to review games
    • Application Method: Send a short opinion piece (Minimum 500 words) to bryce@jggh.net
  • Graphic Artist
    • Duties: Random graphics work including Article Feature Images and Slider Images
    • Application Method: Send a 600 by 300 pixel image to bryce@jggh.net for an article about “Consoles: Then & Now” with free artistic license
To apply please follow the above instructions for the position you are interested in and we will get back to you within a week. Feel free to include any questions you have for us regarding the position(s).


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Gaming for years on end Bryce has some odd views about gaming. He's been with jggh since it's official founding, lending support and ideas. In his non-gaming time, he's a lead farmer. He can be reached at bryce@jggh.net