Dungeon Defenders Get Steam Exclusives

Reverb Publishing and Trendy Entertainment announced today that their action-RPG, tower defense game Dungeon Defenders is now open for pre-order on Steam and other digital download services! Defenders who pre-order on Steam will not only receive a 10% discount (normally $14.99, but $13.49 on discount), but will also receive the following Steam Exclusive DLC:

The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device for the Huntress hero class. Constantly consuming energy when active, this device allows its user to open portals from one location to another and can be used to greatly extend a trap’s range, quickly teleport across the map, or confound enemies!

Four Team Fortress 2 Familiars:

The Heavy: Uses his Gatling gun to shoot at enemies from afar.
The Engineer: Repairs groups of nearby towers while you’re on the offensive.
The Medic: Heals a group of nearby allies amidst battle.
The Pyro: Uses a flame-thrower to set your foes on fire.


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