How Do You Do Holiday Gaming?

Year by year passes and I keep asking myself the same question every year: How am I going to play all of these games? For some people it may not be a puzzling question, but for me and I would imagine, tons of other people the holiday game release schedule is pretty immense and sometimes overwhelming. So I wonder, how do you handle the holiday games?

There are different types of gamers out there. Some with exceptionally busy day to day life and others who need to get more sun, but either way I’m sure this time of year poses a huge task for any gamer. So with September to December being prime for AAA titles and huge franchises to make their play at your wallet, how do you handle it? For me I have sent my mind to buy some cheap desks for gaming and buy a few games that I’m stuck on and I focus all my attention to making sure those games reach my game collection and then I torture myself between playing both games until both are completed and then I move on to what I may have missed. Sometimes for me this can be months.

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Are you a “Got to get’em all type”? You know, the type who will buy every game that comes out play it for a few days until the next game drops?

Maybe you’re a gamer just like me? Get what you really want and stick with it till the end.

Or you could be a “Trader”? One of the types of people who buy a game just to trade it away a few days later to get the next best thing.

I can’t count the amount of ways that you can cover all the gaming glory of the end of the year, but if you’re one of these types or maybe even a type of your own, we want to know. If you comment here with how you plan to cover the huge selection of holiday games this year?


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