VOLTRON: Defender of the Universe (Launch Party!)

Some of you old school gamers may have noticed that VOLTRON: Defender of the Universe has released today on the XBLA & PSN. As a reward for you all, Twitch TV is hosting a launch party tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific and you can tune in to join in on the festivities right here on JGGH!

The event looks like it’s going to be a real fun-filled with Clare Grant (Robot Chicken & The Guild) heading it, along with celebrity appearances such as Seth Green, Alex Albrecht, Adam Green and Team Unicorn (Michele Boyd, Milynn Sarley & Rileah Vanderbilt), and more! There will also obviously be a visit by VOLTRON!!

The event will cotain gameplay, trivia, interviews and something we all love, good hearted giveaways with tons of goodies to win! Stay tuned and watch the stream below for a good time.

Space Explorers will take advantage of each Lion’s unique weaponry and strengths as they join forces both online in seamless 1-5 player co-op modes, and offline with 1-2 players to battle fierce Robeasts and a number of other familiar adversaries.

Watch live video from THQtv on www.twitch.tv


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