Guacamelee! is at it again with El Diablo’s Domain

Drinkbox Studios has delighted fans of Guacamelee! with its newest add-on, called “El Diablo’s Domain,” for both the Playstation 3 and Vita versions.  With this, you’ll get one additional difficultly level, extra levels to venture off to, and various costumes to suit up your characters.  As the name of this particular add-on suggests, this will be one tough battle as players will face “skeletal enemies in the bureaucratic nightmare of the Devil’s domain, where tortured souls are given never-ending paperwork.”   In order to unlock the new outfits, players must successfully complete various time-based challenges and collect medals.  This newest add-on is out right now at the Playstation store as a cross-buy for $2.99.  Get it while it’s hot!



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