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Sorry Fellow Gamer’s!?

By Jurassic John, November 9, 2009 6 Randomology

I have been talking about this movie that i am planning on making well bad news is that the guy that was going to record doesn’t want to do it anymore. This film may just may be like an episode… Read More »

Searching For Player’s

By Jurassic John, October 26, 2009 18 Randomology

We are making a film we need more players to fit in spots. we need 2 players for the role of ” The Leader” “Heavy Machine” and players for ODST troops and this would be awesome. If any gamers out… Read More »

World Gaming Issue’s

By Jurassic John, October 24, 2009 12 Randomology

As everyone knows a lot of new games are being released this year and next. but what does everyone really think about these games i mean good yes?. and what about all of these problems with Mods,Lag switches and catch… Read More »