XBLA Reviews

Ugly Americans: ApocalypseGeddon ()
September 5, 2011 -

Ugly Americans: ApocalypseGeddon is a XBLA/PSN title that is based on the hit Comedy Central Show. The focus of the… Read More »

Hole In the Wall (, )
September 1, 2011 -

Hole In the Wall is a show that airs on Cartoon Network. For anyone who’s missed the show, I’l give… Read More »

Pinball FX 2 – Ms. ‘Splosion Man Table ()
August 31, 2011 -

Zen Studios is at it again. This time releasing one of the most recognizable characters on XBLA for their most… Read More »

Toy Soldiers: Cold War ()
August 16, 2011 -

Rounding out the Summer of Arcade is Signal Studios hybrid tower defense game. As a fan of tower defense I… Read More »

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet ()
August 4, 2011 -

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is the unique, genius and highly stylised open-world puzzle platformer from Fuel Cell Games. Although first… Read More »

From Dust (, )
July 27, 2011 -

Serving as the second entry in the Xbox Summer of Arcade promotion, From Dust is a god game at it’s… Read More »

Backbreaker: Vengeance ()
July 25, 2011 -

If you’re expecting Arcade Football, like NFL Blitz or something, you best turn around and look for something else (you… Read More »

Ms. Splosion Man (, )
July 18, 2011 -

As you all know, here at jggh Games we are pretty huge Twisted Pixel fans. I even added them to… Read More »