Xbox 360 Reviews

Renegade Ops (, )
October 7, 2011 -

Renegade Ops is a fast paced top down driving game that will have you taking turns at break neck speeds… Read More »

Leedmees ()
October 6, 2011 -

Leedmees is a intriguing new Kinect title from Konami. The object of the game is simple, you have to transport… Read More »

Burnout: Crash ()
October 5, 2011 -

When Burnout: Crash was first announced, to say I was hesitant would be a severe lack of description. I was… Read More »

Orcs Must Die! ()
October 4, 2011 -

‘Orcs Must Die!’ is Robot Entertainment’s first XBLA release, offering a cataclysmic blend of action, tower defence and strategy goodness… Read More »

The Gunstringer ()
September 29, 2011 -

Ah, Twisted Pixel. One of our favorite developers here at jggh Games. So from the day that The Gunstringer was… Read More »

Red Bull: X-Fighters ()
September 29, 2011 -

A Motocross game made in conjunction with super-brand Red Bull, not something you come across everyday. And after playing this,… Read More »

Crimson Alliance ()
September 26, 2011 -

Crimson Alliance is a top down dungeon crawler from developer Certain Affinity. It’s not just your run of the mill… Read More »

Supremacy MMA ()
September 23, 2011 -

Supremacy MMA is arcade style fighting game that takes place in a MMA environment. From the time you look at… Read More »