Dragon’s Crown

9.0 Overall Score
Presentation: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Depth: 9/10

Excellent graphics | Extensive RPG system | Awesome beat-em-up multiplayer mayhem

Occasional frame rate slowdowns | Sometimes the dialogue deters those who want to jump straight into the action

Dragon’s Crown is here to make an impression within the gaming world during this year in the summer.  Exclusive to both the Playstation 3 and Vita, this title is a beat-em-up side-scroller with elements of RPG.  But with so many games within this genre, will Dragon’s Crown hold the crown as one of the best titles?

The game takes place in fantasy world called Hydeland populated with various creatures and monsters.  There is a map featuring this kingdom which will let travel to any of the nine locations. Each has their routes leading you to a wild beat-em-up adventure as you ultimately face two boos battles.  There are also hidden rooms contained within such locations.  As such, you’ll be revisiting the locations in order to complete your journey, thus adding replay value.

Dragon’s Crown features a town that consists of a guild, shop, tavern, etc.  This where you’ll be spending a lot of time as you travel between locations.  Here you will be engaging in dialogues as you meet various characters.  If you want to jump right into the action from one phase of the game to the next, this particular feature can potentially hinder your immediate need for your enjoyment.  Otherwise, the dialogue is a welcomed feature that adds to the story.


You’ll have the option to choose from six character classes, each being unique in terms of various abilities and skills.  This is what gives Dragon’s Crown some great depth since there differences can have a major effect on your journey and experience.  Even though you’re facing the same enemies and story, each character class still offers a different impression.

Once you dive into the combat, it becomes a wild affair.  This is where Dragon’s Crown becomes totally chaotic, in a good way.  Four players can go into the action simultaneously as they face on a myriad of enemies on screen.  You can even have AI-controlled characters if you can’t find three other players to join in.  And you’ll definitely need to consider this option during the campaign when the difficulty does get pretty tough.  If your teammates do die, you do have the ability to revive them and vice versa, granted that you hold enough gold.

As mentioned earlier, Dragon’s Crown has elements of RPG.  During your adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in specific quests that will grant you extra gold, experience and skill points.  There’s also artwork that can be unlocked if you’re successful during the gameplay.  Additionally, Dragon’s Crown features a loot system where you hold various equipments and items for your character.  From here, you’ll be able to use or even sell to merchants, thereby giving players a deeper degree of involvement in this RPG aspect of the game.


Dragon’s Crown has an online feature that allows you to join in on the action with strangers.  On top of that, the Playstation 3 also allows up to four players locally within the same console to get in on the co-op action. You can also share your saved progress between your Vita and Playstation 3 which is a big positive.

The real shining part of Dragon’s Crown is its presentation.  The graphics is exceptionally done as you can bear witness to the beautiful and gorgeous details and color scheme behind the environments as well as the characters.  There are moments where the excessive action on screen can slow the frame rate down.  Nonetheless, the game just gives so much appeal that it leaves an everlasting impression to the gaming experience.  In addition, every area has a unique appearance, thus keeping things lively and fresh. And the character designs on the bosses themselves look completely fabulous.  When you mix that with a fine soundtrack and audio effects, you end up with an amazing and spectacular production.


Dragon’s Crown is an awesome beat-em-up side-scrolling RPG that features an exciting and engaging gameplay.  The multiplayer option also plays a huge part in adding to the enjoyment.  Sold separately, the Playstation 3 and Vita versions give similar quality and therefore have each earned its own value in term of the price.  If you are digging the excitement of a fantasy adventure, have a visit at your local game store or even have a look at the online Playsta  tion Store.


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