God Mode

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10

Fun run and gun | Great with randoms or friends | Easy learning curve

Some lock up issues | Could get old quick

God Mode is a fun run and gun third person shooter that has a simple concept in which you must kill everything that moves that is not a team mate.

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God Mode is a multiplayer only game developed by Old School games and published by Atlus. Normally I’m not a fan of games that have no kind of single player story, but somehow God Mode won me over even with the few flaws I found while playing it. When first starting up the game there is not even as much as a simple tutorial to teach you how to play or tell you what you may be doing. You learn how to play just as chaotic as the game is. Luckily the game has a low learning curve for anyone who has ever played or for that matter even picked up a third person shooter of any type. Simple game set up allows for quick easy matches with randoms or friends with no hassles. As you and 3 people play co-op to try and survive waves of enemies while moving from area to area on a selected map. If you make it through these “test’s of faith” you make it to a “Gold Rush” round where you compete against team mates to rack up the most coin. Us this coin the and buy weapons, clothing and abilities for your character as you level up.

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The game quickly becomes a blast, which also leads into another issue that I personally had. The game gets old pretty quick. I switched it up and played many levels in many different lobbies and the games that did not suffer from the lock up issue that the game has seemed to become bogged down by a rinse and repeat syndrome. Out of the many games I played I would say close to half of them froze. Even with the issues I just stated I still found myself loading the game up and finding another lobby to play a few games.

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Sound and graphics are average on this title, but the narrator makes me chuckle from time to time. Other than the few time you hear him insult you for dying there is not much more than intense ominous music and the sound of demons dying, but for what the game does it really sells both sound and graphics. In an overpopulated XBLA, with the exception of the attention grabbing name, God Mode will surly be looked over by many people. To be honest it’s a game that really needs to be noticed, because most people who are fans of the genre or who are just looking for a solid deal and something new to play, God Mode can really be a fun game for $10 that you can play with your friends.

Even though I had my reservations with the game, I still found it to be fun, even if for a brief amount of time. The way I see games are simple, if I can get an hour out of every dollar I pay for the game then it’s a buy to me. God Mode will give 10 hours of fun and more, so be sure to take a look on XBLA for this classy but problematic game.


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