Gundam Versus (PS4)

9.3 Overall Score
Presentation: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Content: 10/10

Awesome graphics | Plenty of content to keep you busy

Possible laggy multiplayer (but that can be based on your internet connection)

The Gundam phenomenon has kept its influence in full force be it in the form of anime or video game entertainment. There’s something about having giant robots duking it out in various settings, including space. That said, it has once again come to attack the PS4 with its latest title Gundam Versus.

Japan has had the pleasure of engaging in robot vs robot gameplay for years whether it’s in the arcade scene or home console. Well now everywhere else in the world gets to have a taste of this goodness thanks to Gundam Versus. Right off the bat, it is evident that a lot of work and care has been put into this PS4 title.

Gundam Versus will have you battle in an arena as you team up with another partner or two against your opponents. Actual combat consists of a combination of both short-range melee attacks and long range shooting.

Controls are very simple and easy to pick and play right away. What’s also great is that there’s no elaborate or complex moves or combos to execute. So it’s really smooth sailing when it comes to navigating and battle in Gundam Versus, thereby placing every player in a fair spot.

There are plenty of content in this PS4 title. The game modes include regular battles against computer opponents as well as wave-based battles. But even looking at the single-player campaign, you can easily spend hours upon hours going through the game. And with roster consisting of around a hundred playable suits waiting to be accessed, you will be quick to be drawn into it.

The real spice and excitement comes when you play online. You can either get involved in one-on-one duels, two-on-two battles, or even three vs three. Whichever way you end up playing, the overall impression is great, despite some moments of lagginess. However, that can be dependent upon your internet connection.

In terms of the presentation, Gundam Versus won’t fail to deliver and satisfy its customers. The graphics are very detailed and colorful while the animations run at a consistent frame rate. On the audio side of things, the sound effects add excitement and dynamics to the whole atmosphere which really enhances the whole experience.

Gundam Versus is definitely an incredible game for the PS4 that can’t be missed. With plenty of gameplay content, awesome presentation, and online opportunities to either cooperate or kill each other, it will easily satisfy.


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