In Space We Brawl

8.0 Overall Score
Presentation: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Replay Value: 8/10

Fun multiplayer | Bright and solid visuals | Very challenging and entertaining

Gameplay and map may be too simplistic for some players | No online multiplayer

With so many games out there that have quite the degree of complexity and story, sometimes it would be nice to have some simplicity. That’s why I am enthusiastic about exploring In Space We Brawl as it is a twin-stick arcade space shooter available for both the Playstation 3 and 4. And the added bonus is that it includes multiplayer madness!

For starters, you take control of a spaceship that is equipped with weapons, shield and a speed boost. There are 11 ships and 11 weapons that you can end up with as you battle it out in any of the 8 included maps across 3 locations. As you jump into the gameplay, you will notice right away that you are placed right in the midst of incoming asteroids that vary in size and shape. In response, you will need to move about this map and either avoid or shoot down these floating objects. If you are aiming to get power-ups, weapons or more ammo, then firing these asteroids would be ideal as they actually leave behind these items upon destruction.


The controls for In Space We Brawl is very straightforward for players to get used to and master. Movement is very fluid and accurate while the twin-stick shooting mechanism work quite effectively. This is very important since you’ll need to constantly dodge asteroids which can come at you in a diverse number of speed and directions.

There is a large number of weapons that can be combined to leave unique effects on the objects you shoot at. In addition, occasionally you will see space hazards that make their appearances to add a little spice to the mix. For example, there could be alien ships that temporarily show up, solar winds that make it tough for your spaceship to travel across, and even black holes.

If you want to engage the gameplay on your own for In Space We Brawl, then the challenges mode is the feature you’ll want to check out. You’ll be greeted by a sergeant who supposedly helps you out with getting started, if you can take his “criticisms.” Furthermore, you will have a series of objectives to attain and, believe me, the difficulty offered here can be quite…. “challenging” especially when you have a time limit.


The graphics behind In Space We Brawl is stellar on account of its vibrant and solid colors showing on screen. As for the spaceships, they are all neon in appearance which brightens up the whole visuals. As for the environments, there is quite the degree of detail here. It goes to show that even simple games like this can have a visual feast. As for the audio, the music fits perfectly with the overall theme while the sound effects are decent enough to keep the whole experience lively.

But what makes In Space We Brawl very enjoyable is the ability to play with three other players simultaneously. There are three modes that you can engage in here: championship, tournament, and team modes. In the latter, you can choose to fight either 2 on 2 or even 3 on 1. It is unfortunate that In Space We Brawl cannot be played via online. However, the local multiplayer does have its share of fun and excitement. Couple that mayhem with those stubborn asteroids and you have yourself a crazy space battle, especially when disposing of them would leave behind extra fire power which is up for grabs for any of the four players on screen.


In Space We Brawl is an endless source of fun and entertainment at its simplicity. If you are longing for a straightforward space shooter that you can enjoy with a few friends who happen to come over, then this particular title is a great addition to have with your Playstation 3 and 4.


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