Killzone: Mercenary

9.6 Overall Score
Presentation: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Controls: 9/10

Exciting and uplifting action | Beautiful graphics and heart-pumping audio effects | Entertaining multiplayer modes

Some frame rate drops | control scheme a bit different from your typical home console FPS

Killzone made quite an impression when it made its initial appearance for the PS2.  Then we got to see this FPS action demonstrate its madness on the PS3 with the second and third sequel.  Now, Vita owners will be able to enjoy the beauty (and killing) behind this title in Killzone: Mercenary.

You take control of a soldier named Arran Danner, who is part of the United Colonial Army and has just been enlisted to the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance.  You will be helping to fight against the Helghast forces. When you start initially, you’ll be carrying out missions alongside the ISA.  However, once you enter the city of Helghan to protect an ambassador, things become a little bit complicated as you’ll be pit in the midst of a war against the Helghast.


Killzone: Mercenary plays really with in terms of the controls thanks to the Vita’s touch screen and responsive aiming. There may be a possibility for those of you who are used to the home console FPS to spend a little time to adjust to this particular control scheme.  Keep in mind that both analogue sticks on the Vita cannot be pressed on.  In addition, there are no L2 or R2 buttons.  So you’ll need to use the other face button or rear touchpad instead.  Even still, performing such commands as throwing grenades can be a little tough to execute.  There are redeeming areas to the controls.  Switching between guns, performing melee attacks, and interacting with objects can be executed with a simple touch of the screen or using the d-pad.

Throughout various modes and campaigns that you play through in Killzone: Mercenary, you’ll be rewarded with money.  Specifically, for executing things like headshots or silent kills, you’ll be paid handsomely. Afterwards, you’ll be able to purchase new weapons, armour, and VAN-guard loadouts. This aspect of the game is important since there will be plenty of situations where you’ll need to spend for the needed replenishment of equipment and supplies.


There are nine chapters in Killzone: Mercenary, which will take about hours to complete under normal difficulty.  So it may seem a bit short if you’re playing through the single-player campaign. However, Killzone: Mercenary also lengthens its longevity with the player’s ability to revisit the completed campaign with a new set of requirements. When it comes to objectives you need to fulfill, you’ll need to execute according to your contact which is classified under precision, covert, as well as demolition. Whatever the case, the enemies you face do put up quite a fight while your companions seem to be lacking in AI at times.


Killzone: Mercenary also features multiplayer, thus allowing players to battle in six different maps and engage in the challenge via three game modes (free-for-all, team deathmatch and Warzone).  The latter mentioned mode involving ever changing objectives over five phases that blends various gameplay types. This online multiplayer option is what gives this Vita game its true appeal.  While it could have been stellar if there were more maps offered, at least players still get to engage in the fun against others and put their FPS skills to the test.

In regards to the presentation, Killzone: Mercenary looks mighty impressive with its beautiful color scheme and well-detailed textures.  Every object in the background, including the buildings, contributes effectively to the atmosphere and excitement of the game. While there were some drops in frame rate, these weren’t frequent enough to impede on the gameplay.  As for the audio, the music keeps the experience uplifting and thrilling while the sound effects help to give a deeper impact with all the explosions and gunfire.  The voice acting is pretty solid to the point that even during the gameplay, you’ll hear fallen soldiers screaming, thereby making your heart thump even harder.


If you’re deciding on getting an FPS title for the Playstation Vita, then Killzone: Mercenary is a must-have.  Currently, you can either get it at your local video game store or via the Playstation Network for a reasonable price of $35.99.  Considering that this game has an awesome presentation and enthralling gameplay, you should be “killing” yourself if you don’t join in on the action!


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