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If you didn’t get enough of the Avengers in the movie theaters, then don’t fret.  Your favorite superheroes are back because of Zen Studios’ efforts in sprucing up its epic pinball content.  As a matter of fact, there will be another four tables that will add quite an impression when you get your hands on this special add-on to either Marvel Pinball or Pinball F/X 2.  If you pop into the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, you’ll see that the Avengers Chronicles has arrived for your “marvelous” pleasures.

The first table is titled “The Avengers” where you get to choose from six uniquely-colored balls each representing a member of this team.  During the gameplay, you’ll hear the voices of the superhero that you chose giving you some words of encouragement as well as some well-known sayings.  While the voice acting may be corny, it’s effective in giving that heroic feel.  The real jaw-dropper is the pinball table’s introduction sequence as you see Iron Man flying down followed by the other team members going into position.  It’s a nicely-themed table that focuses on commemorating the release of the Avengers to the movie-goers.

Second item in the Avengers Chronicles’ delicious menu of pinball goodness is the “Infinity Gauntlet.”  Your objective is to obtain all six gems of the Gauntlet. The difficulty is really ramped up here, and not just because of the positions of the ramps.  In particular, the table will force you into taking on the pinball gaming in a whole new point of view.  For example, the screen will fade to black, only leaving neon outlines for you to figure out where you want to direct the ball.  On top of that, the whole pinball table will completely turn upside down…andyou’ll still have to manage to play the game and earn your high score!

“World War Hulk” smashes onto the pinball field of Zen Studios with its impressive special effects.  The ball will be constantly jumping around with the ramps strategically placed all over.  Themed in an apocalyptic setting, the table has a nice degree of detail incorporated as you can see from such items as the ball being launched by a crane to the wrecked-up taxi blocking a ramp.  And apparently the Hulk doesn’t seem to be having any luck making friends.  Throughout the pinball experience, he will be fighting against the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and other well-known Marvel characters.  It’s a nice change of pace for those of you who may get tired of the typical cliché of the superheroes vs. villains theme.

Lastly, “Fear Itself” will give you something to fear about!  This pinball table is just as crazy as the “Infinity Gauntlet.”  But rather than the table being messed around, you have the ball being altered in this table.  Because of the Serpent villain, you will need to constantly alter the way you normally play a pinball game.  Sometimes, he will alter the magnetic field on the ball and this would throw it off its expected path all of a sudden.  Therefore, you’ll have to depend on your quick thinking and fast reflexes if you want to survive.  The Serpent may even turn the ball into brittle stone which can spell disaster if not handled with care.  Out of all the tables featured in this add-on, this one has the best music as it gives that epic impression.

Zen Studios has always delivered in terms of top-notch content.  If you look at the past releases, particularly those within the Marvel pack, you’ll notice that there’s enough stuff in there that will not only blow your tops off, but it’ll keep you busy doing so.  In this case, the Avengers Chronicles is no exception.  With the add-on being available for a humble price of $9.99 in the PlayStation Network as well as 800 MSP at the Xbox Live Marketplace, you should definitely include the Avengers to this beloved pinball game.  Besides, who doesn’t want their favorite team of superheroes in their homes?


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