Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (Vita)

9.1 Overall Score
Presentation: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Longevity: 9/10

Quite lengthy for a portable game | Impressive graphics and audio

Cut scenes not as visually impressive | Some occasions of camera annoyances

Back in the days of the Playstation 2 and Xbox, we saw the Oddworld games make their mark as an influential franchise at the time. Thankfully the current generation of video game consoles is making effort in keeping the Oddworld phenomena alive.  Particularly, we have Stranger’s Wrath released with a high definition treatment which played out really well.  And now, with the Vita, we see this same game available in the Playstation Network that aims to impress as well as take advantage of the features of this portable console.  Will Stranger’s Wrath be just as fun and enjoyable as its Playstation 3 counterpart?

You assume the role of a protagonist by the name of Stranger.  Due to his need of an operation, he will have to raise the necessary funds.  He will be doing this by hunting down outlaws and collecting their bounties.  And so the adventure begins.


Navigating and battling in Stranger’s Wrath is easy to get started with because of the effective and familiar control scheme.  The necessary commands are assigned to your typical face buttons.  In addition, you will double tap on the touch screen to switch your views while tapping the rear touchpad will get your character to punch. The camera seems to be an issue with Stranger’s Wrath since there were times when your view can be obstructed by objects.  But other than this mishap, the controls are great especially with this innovative implementation of the Vita’s touch screen features.

Stranger’s Wrath can be played in both the first person as well as third person perspectives depending on what you are doing during the gameplay.  But essentially, it has a feel of a three dimensional platformer as you run and jump from one spot to another.  You’ll be traveling around various environments tracking down your foes as you try to sneak up on them and detain them.

You’ll notice how your weapons will be using live creatures as ammo, which is a humorous touch to the game.  On top of that, different creatures serve different purposes.  For example, one can act as a diversion when you unleash it, while others can serve as a trap.  Because Stranger’s Wrath is all about catching people, you’ll need to figure out which ammos or creatures you think would effectively get the job done.  Sometimes, the location can affect your decision.  For instance, with explosives around, you can use your creatures to ignite them.


Changing the scenery a little bit are the boss battles.  These occurrences are pretty tough, but they don’t get to the point where their attacks are cheap or unfair.  As each one of these battles is unique, it helps to keep Stranger’s Wrath fresh and interesting.  So in the end, you don’t feel as if the game is repetitive or monotonous as the scenery changes up as well as the objectives and battles.

Under the Vita’s OLED screen, Stranger’s Wrath looks visually stunning and impressive.  The amount of detail incorporated into the creatures or ammo is quite stunning as they also ensure that you know they are alive with its animation.  Their eyes move about as they wait for you to fire them away.  However, the cut scenes do seem to appear rough and heavily textured.  Nevertheless, during the gameplay is where the graphics really shine.  Audio-wise, the overall impression rates up there because of the satisfactory music and occasional grunts from characters.  These effects really breathe life to the characters.  You could notice how your enemies are constantly repeating the same lines.  But this can be easily overlooked due to such a top-notch presentation.


The translation of Stranger’s Wrath from the Playstation 3 to the Vita is an effective one.  Although there is no multiplayer mode, the single player campaign itself will hold you over for at least 10 hours.  Currently it is available in the Playstation Network for $15.  If you missed out on this Oddworld game on the home console, now is your chance to get a hold of this on the Vita.  With impressive presentation and occasional humor, Stranger’s Wrath is no stranger of providing a masterpiece entertainment.


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