PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD

7.7 Overall Score
Presentation: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Content: 7/10

Fun and addictive | Touch controls for ease of access

Nothing new being added to this Vita version

PixelJunk Monsters first came out for the Playstation 3 and then for the PSP.  It seems that the Vita has been missing out on this PixelJunk’s goodness, that is until now.  Titled PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD, this tower-defense has now made it over to this new portable game console!

You play as Tikiman with the objective of saving your children from the incoming waves of monsters that come in various flavors.  By using the trees to build the number of types of towers available, you’ll be able to fight off these monsters.  However, you’ll need to earn some currency in order to build more of or even upgrade these towers.  Occasionally, the monsters will leave behind gems after you kill them.


Considering that you’ll be doing a lot of multitasking, you need to be fast and think on your feet.  Thankfully, a menu conveniently pops up to allow you to choose amongst the available towers.  And in order to successfully complete a level, you must have a rainbow appear.  What a wonderful and colorful way to progress further in the game!

Controlling Tikiman is really easy to get by.  Movement is pretty smooth and responsive while the necessary commands are arranged in a logical arrangement for the face buttons.  Also, you’ll be able to zoom out with a simple tap of the left shoulder button.  What distinguishes the Vita version from the others is the available option of using the touch screen.  Considering that you can just simply touch the trees that you want to build the tower on, such a control scheme is very accessible and convenient to have.  As well, you can swipe amongst the choices of towers that appear, making the whole ordeal efficient.

When you engage in the multiplayer mode, you can communicate with a few icons that are available.  The whole idea may seem limited since players may not necessarily get what you’re trying to say with just the symbols that appear.


There are more than 40 maps available to challenge yourself.  So you’ll definitely be preoccupied for quite a while as you try to progress further in the game.  By finishing certain challenge levels on each island you encounter, you’ll unlock special towers, such as the fire or ice.  However, other than that, there are no actual extra content that makes the Vita version that much more magnificent than that of the Playstation 3 and PSP.  But then again, PixelJunk Monsters is already great to begin with, so it’s not as if there should have been improvements being made at all.  Nonetheless, it would have been better if there were extra modes and unlockable content to set the Playstation Vita’s version apart.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD looks absolutely marvelous with the solid, crisp colors and the well-done graphical designs.  The whole screen leaves such an impression with the cutesy, artistic approach to its presentation.  Visually, the environments and the characters seem to keep things lively.  While the music helps to achieve a soothing atmosphere, it does get repetitive in time.  Meanwhile, the sound effects do play a vital part in contributing to the auditory aspect of the game’s presentation.  However, don’t expect any heart-thumping impact.


Those who are already familiar with PixelJunk Monsters may not find anything new or exciting with the Vita version of the game.  However, the high definition treatment and the touch controls should entice are added bonuses that may sway the decision in the game’s favor.  PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD can get pretty addictive and entertaining nonetheless.  As such, paying the $14.99 current price may be a good idea for those who are especially new to the game.


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