Rainbow Moon (Vita)

8.6 Overall Score
Presentation: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Content: 9/10

Added fixes and improvements to the game | Cross-save functionality | Absolutely amazing visuals and colorful artwork

Audio could be improved a little better, especially the voice acting

SideQuest Studios brought great gaming to the Playstation 3, including Soldner-X and Rainbow Moon.  And it looks like the company is not stopping there.  It’s also spreading its joy over to the Playstation Vita.  In particular, Rainbow Moon is emerging onto this portable device.

To begin, I should say that this game should be the exact translated port from the Playtation 3.  For a little more detail about how Rainbow Moon plays out on this home console, see my review here at http://jgghgames.com/?reviews=rainbow-moon.  So you should expect the same great things, if not more.  You see, the latest patch that brings major updates and improvements to the game are applicable to both the Playstation 3 and Vita.  And because of that, players will find the pleasantry with the fixes and added features being incorporated.


One of the main improvements I should mention is the fact that you would be able to skip through the victory screen.  This is a major plus for players considering that Rainbow Moon is long enough already (but for good reasons).  There are also tweaks made into the controls that will allow handling and movement to be more pleasant and responsive.  As a result, you won’t have any “unhappy accidents” occurring when making selections throughout the in-game menus during battles.  These are just a few of the many fixes that are added to Rainbow Moon for both the Vita and PS3.

But how does it play out on the portable console overall?  Very good actually.  The experience is just as engrossing with the deep story-telling and abundant content.  It will take as much time as you would spend on the Playstation 3.  So a good 40 hours at least. And that’s including the streamlining (ie. from the ability to skip through cut scenes as well as added convenience from the menu selections and such).


The major thing to consider about Rainbow Moon for the Vita is the cross-save feature.  Being able to continue your progress between consoles is godsend.  This is especially important when you’ll be spending a lot of time on the game and don’t want to waste a second either when you’re out of the house.  The added convenience is what will make this game even more addictive to players.

In terms of its visual presentation, Rainbow Moon for the Playstation Vita looks mighty gorgeous as it did for the PS3.  The incorporation of the color scheme as well as the graphical details of the characters are excellent and leave a greater impact especially on the Vita’s screen.  Just like the PS3, expect the overall theme to have a cartoonish look, which generates its charm.


As for the audio behind Rainbow Moon, the sound effects do their job at their minimum while the voices themselves leave an unexciting influence.  There’s not much difference here between the Vita and PS3, except that you may not be able to play this over a top-of-the-line surround sound system on the Vita.  Luckily, the soundtrack is enjoyable with its tranquility and calmness.  Therefore, it’s not all bad in the audio front.

In retrospect, Rainbow Moon remains to be a great game, whether you play on the PS3 or Vita.  And with the added improvements and cross-save functionality, having this game for the Vita is a no brainer.  If you were satisfied playing this on the PS3 (or maybe haven’t even gotten the chance to complete the game because you don’t get to spend much time at home), then here’s your chance to complete your experience with Rainbow Moon for the Vita.  So head on to the Playstation Store and look for this game as it should be released in the beginning of December.


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