Section 8: Prejudice

9.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Great Multiplayer experience. | A great FPS for the XBLA

The single player might as well be vacant. | Sometimes system freeze will occur.

You know, I never played the first Section 8 game. So when I first seen footage from this game way back when, I was very skeptical about this game even with the cool features it offered. The closer it got to release and the more I heard on it from Timegate Studios, the more I wanted to give this game a try. I can say now that my instincts were not wrong.

When you first load up the game you are offered 3 different play types to choose from. Campaign, Conquest and Swarm. Swarm is a co-op mode where you fight off the enemy in waves that most FPS games are trying to incorporate into the genre these days. Conquest is the versus mode of the MP features and of course campaign explains itself. The campaign is around 5 hours of play time and is on par with most XBLA shooter games. The story is average and the game looks beautiful. You start by going through your run of the mill tutorial and moving on to the main story. To be honest, the campaign was a bit of the rough spot for me in this game. The voice acting is on the verge of B-Movie and I had a hard time staying interested in the story. But like most FPS games that have online compatibility, the magic in this game is in the online modes.

Swarm is a fun enough game type that offerers the typical “horde” style of game play and is pretty fun considering the simplicity of it all. If you’re like me and enjoy the competitive nature of FPS games then you will spend most of your time in Conquest mode. When starting a game you will be greeted with an option to choose your load out which can consist of anything from a heavy Machine Gun and a secondary Sniper of a Assault Rifle and a secondary Missile Launcher. The you will choose your drop in point from an over top view of the map. When you deploy, you can control your drop in several ways. From steering or braking at different points in the drop. That’s just your spawning. When you hit the ground it becomes a whole new experience.

You’re dropped into a 32 player battle that is a mix of a Territory type game play crossed with Team Death match. You’re able to use all your abilities, from the accelerated run all the way to using your jet packs. While in playing for every kill you will earn cash in regular matches and cash and XP in ranked matches. With this cash you earn you can call for drops into your area. Anything from automated Mini Gun Torrents to an Armored Mech suit. This adds a whole new aspect to the game play and creates a unique experience that I have only seen in this game. To be honest it seems to be the one huge feature that sets this wonderful yet underrated title a part from any other FPS on the XBLA, and puts it at Par with most retail titles. These game modes even though are hectic play out well due to well created maps.

All in all I think that this FPS even though released in a tough game week, could very well hold it’s own if people would be willing to give it a chance. Timegate Studios does and incredible job of making 1200 MS points look and feel like a $60 dollar retail game. The achievements in the game seem to come easy enough with enough time played. I would highly recommend giving this game a shot even if you have the highest of doubts and I have a good feeling that you will not be disappointed.


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