Semispheres (Steam PC)

7 Overall Score
Presentation: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Challenges: 7/10

Pretty unique approach in the puzzle challenges | Calming and ambient soundtrack

Graphical presentation not really flashy

If you go take a look at the Steam store, you’ll see thousands of games available.  With such a selection, it’s hard to determine which is the right one for you.  Even if you break your search down to the puzzle genre, you still have tons of games to look through.  Every now and then, there are games that attempt to stand out from the rest.  Specifically, a recent title, Semispheres, has been released where you take control of two sides with the objective of getting to the goal through a variety of levels.  Will this be successful in getting players’ attention?

In every level, you have a single screen that is split into two similar halves. On each, you have a blob shaped kind of like a jellyfish that are individually controlled.  If you have a controller, each of these blobs are controlled by the two analogue sticks.  The levels will have portals, teleportations, and switches to work with.

In the beginning, you’ll have power-ups that give you temporary abilities.  For instance, you could be tasked with switching blobs between screens.  There are other cases where  you would have to remember to revert back to simplicity after facing the theme of complexity from previous levels.  As well, you’ll need to get past your enemies using distractions or noises.  So there are different elements that constantly get introduced, thereby adding variety to the gameplay.

There are 50 levels to traverse through.  And each and every one has a new set of difficulties to overcome.  As such, it makes the game experience unique and challenging.  Semispheres is considered to be a meditative game which is achieved through its ambient and calming soundtrack coupled with a soft contrast of blue and orange colors on screen.  The graphics are vibrant but still nothing distinguishing you can find here.  So while the intent has been achieved, the overall impression is kind of average.

Nevertheless, Semispheres is a treat for a puzzle experience.  Its split-screen approach in providing challenges to players is pretty interesting.  And even though there are times when I get stuck on a few levels, I still feel a sense of peace and calm with the atmosphere depicted in this game.  It may not be the most outstanding, presentation-wise.  However, Semispheres definitely has a place in my heart.


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