Shoot Many Robots

7.3 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10

Plenty of collectibles | Online madness

Repetitive levels | Frame rate slowing down

If you’re in need for some scrap metal, then look no further as Demiurge Studios is here to deliver with Shoot Many Robots.  This PSN/XBLA game takes place in the apocalyptic world where robots are running rampant.  You take control of Pickles Walter Tugnut who has a nice collection of guns and ammunition which he is willing to, let’s say, share with a bunch of mechanical menaces.

Typical of any side-scrolling shooters game, you have the jump, shoot, slide and hover.  To aim, you need to hold down the shoot button while you move with the left analog stick, which is also used to move your character around.  It’s not the best control scheme here, but it works for the most part.

Shoot Many Robots lets you equip yourself with a primary weapon that has infinite ammo as well as a special one that delivers a lot of damage. You will have an abundance of robotic adversaries that will come after you from left, right and centre carrying a variety of weapons.  The bosses themselves can be so big that they take up the whole screen.  Ideally, you want to figure out their attack patterns in order to survive and make it in one piece.

Throughout the game, you can acquire armor and loot depending on the experience level of your character.   You can collect bonuses that will give you certain abilities as well as interesting clothing items to put on.  To name some of the wacky items to expect, you have the robot head that you can wear as a hat as well as a set of wings that I guess you can put on to make you an Angel of Death. These implementations keep the game fresh as well as give it some sense of humor.

While you’ll be traveling through many different settings, it is apparent that the levels have been recycled.  At first, you’ll think that the levels look familiar as you progress.  But later, you’ll realize that previous levels have just been re-arranged.  Consequently, this makes the game feel repetitive but, at the same time, it’s mind-numbingly fun.

When friends are involved, that’s when the craziness is kicked up a notch.  Being able to play either locally or online with up to three other players in a co-op fashion gives that sense of security and enjoyment.  Even though there are tons of items you can collect, it’s nice to have friends to help you out in attaining them.  You’ll be playing through survival missions where you’ll have gangs of robots coming at you and your friends.  In addition, as long as one of you stays alive, he or she can bring others back to life.  Although you may not be completely immune to the repetitive nature of the game, the multiplayer aspect does help keep its replay value.

Shoot Many Robots is presented with nice cel-shaded designs that give that stylistic artwork impression.  The appearance and textures of the characters and robots are nicely executed.  However, if you get too many enemies on screen, the game may experience some momentary slowdown in terms of its frame rate.  Audio-wise, both the music and sound play a great deal in keeping the game’s dynamic and exciting atmosphere.  For instance, the noises from the machines are appropriate when you consider the fact that you’re in the middle of a mechanical wasteland.  As a result, the graphics and audio work hand in hand here.

Shoot Many Robots will have you, well, shooting many robots throughout your whole experience.  Essentially, it boils down to surviving wave after wave of mechanical enemies coupled with collecting items to make your character more powerful and “presentable.”  Despite its repetitive gameplay, Shoot Many Robots does have its moments of entertainment when you have friends involved.  It’s available for $10 in the Playstation Store or 800 Microsoft Points in the Xbox Live Marketplace.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’re dying to shoot many robots, then the title in itself needs no further explanation!


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