Soldner X2: Final Prototype

9.5 Overall Score
Presentation: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Longevity: 9/10

Great graphics / Splendid music / Challenging gameplay dynamics

Can be a bit short / Sometimes cheesy voice acting

If you want fast-paced gaming filled with projectile craziness, then you’re in luck if you own either the Playstation 3 or Vita. Soldner X2: Final Prototype, which a 2D side-scrolling spaceship shooter, is flying its way to these consoles for your enjoyment!

You have a couple of ships to choose from.  However, the third ship will need to be unlocked in order to gain access.  Each has their unique set of weapons.  You can swap with ease between your guns, which is key when you want to shoot down specific types of enemies.  You can also pick up along the way health, increase in damage on enemies and even special bombs.  One thing to note is that if you take on too much damage, a Bezerker mode is activated, thereby increasing your firepower and reducing the damage you take.


Controls are pretty much simple and straightforward.  You have the fire button which you can hold down if you want to fire continuously.  Movement is responsive and fluid which is important for a game like this.  In Soldner X2: Final Prototype, you will have certain enemies that will drop rings.  You can collect these in order to increase your chain meter. When you complete a chain, there will be a power up released for you ship.  These can come in the form up speed ups, smart bombs and even drones.

A great feature of Soldner X2: Final Prototype is the Play Rank System. Here, you have the difficulty level being constantly adjusted based on the player’s skill level.  This is a great feature to have for those novice players as well as the veterans who are longing for further challenges.  The main game has a total of seven stages while getting the add-on will get you ten in total.  Considering that each stage consists of both a mini-boss and the main boss makes this a very exciting title. Any of these battles you come across never feels repetitive or predictable.  So the result is both challenging and satisfying.


Regardless of playing on the television or Vita screen, Solder X2: Final Prototype runs fluently at a consistent frame rate.  The graphics look mighty impressive while the effects appear amazing.  And on top of that, the backgrounds are a sight to remember.  In terms of the audio, you get the techno-type of dance music which gives a nice sense of exhilaration. The voice acting may be a little cheesy, but it’ll hardly hinder your enjoyment.

Sadly, the game doesn’t take too long to finish.  In fact, it may take about an hour or so. Thankfully, there are online leaderboards included which will entice you to revisit the game in hopes of earning a higher ranking.  Although there is no local multiplayer in the Vita version, there is still many moment of stimulation you can receive from a title like this.  If you do play on the Playstation 3, the co-op multiplayer is there for your enjoyment.

Soldner X2: Final Prototype is a great title to consider, even when taking into account the fact that you get both the Playstation 3 and Vita versions for the price of one.  For $10, you get the regular game, but for $13, you also get the add-on included.  So if you’re longing for some insane and fast-paced shoot-em-up action, then give Soldner X2: Final Prototype a “shot.”


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