Velocity 2X (Vita)

9.6 Overall Score
Presentation: 10/10
Controls: 9/10
Content: 10/10

Great mix of 2D shooting and platforming action | Awesome visuals, especially the explosion effects

Some minor setbacks in controls during the on-foot gameplay

It seems that Futurlab has some gem to release every year for the Playstation Network. In 2012, we got Velocity and then on 2013, we have Velocity Ultra for Playstation Vita. Now it’s 2014 and we see the release of the latter’s sequel called Velocity 2X for both the PS4 and Vita! But in this case, we have a newly-added platforming gameplay on top of the usual space shooter action. In addition, the story centers Lt. Kai Tana as she fights off against her foes in this space adventure.


Velocity 2X consists of 50 levels spanning across various locations. Within, there are missions to engage in, be it in the form of combat, search and rescue, and speed run. With the number of hostages you end up saving, you’ll be evaluated in the end based on your performance. You’ll also be given feedback and earn points for the amount of time it took to successfully complete the mission as well as the total number of enemies destroyed. Basically, if you pull off a maximum performance, you’ll earn a medal to signify your perfect achievement.


There are essentially two basic types of gameplay in Velocity 2X: one involving flight, which plays out as a vertical 2D space shooter that we come to love, and the other involving on-foot 2D platforming, which is a great addition to include. During the space shooting aspect, Velocity 2X handles very well with its top-notch controls. And considering that the Playstation Vita lets you teleport with the use of the touchscreen, it’s really a nice “touch” to the experience.


The action may be both familiar and great so far, but the 2D platforming is also full of awe and impact. It’s definitely a wonderful inclusion to Velocity 2X, especially when the gameplay in this respect brings about a lot of excitement and fun. That said though, there are aspects of the controls that can be a bit tough to get by. It would have been great if there was an ability to dodge attacks, considering this relatively fast-paced gameplay. On top of that, the sprinting function may not necessarily be accessible to use with the right shoulder button. Still, these are minor mishaps attached to the controls that can be overcome with little time.


In every playthrough, you gain experience which ultimately gives you the opportunity to unlock additional missions. Additionally, as you move on further in the game, you receive additional moves and skills, such as the ability to teleport. All in all, Velocity 2X provides plenty of replay incentives: players would be enticed to revisit previous missions to gain perfection and earn those extra experience points. This is especially the case when you want to see what happens if you use your newly-acquired skills during previously completed missions. In some respects, you may very well end up reaching secret areas that you couldn’t get to before without these abilities.


Velocity 2X remains to have a worthwhile and colorful presentation. This is especially highlighted with the Playstation Vita’s OLED screen when the explosions really stand out. The resulting atmosphere is one that really gets your heart throbbing with anticipation and excitement. As for the audio side of things, the music works perfectly as it blends in the background. And with all the sound effects of the firing and explosions, it really complements the dynamic visuals taking place on the screen.


At the end of the day, Velocity 2X is a solid title that continues the tradition of offering the magnificant space shooting content from its predecessor and adds on the all new on-foot platforming action. And since the attached $19.99 price tag from the Playstation Store gets you both the PS4 and Vita versions, this is definitely a must-buy for all you space action fanatics.


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