Venom (Zen Pinball 2 add-on)

9.1 Overall Score
Presentation: 10/10
Content: 9/10
Excitement: 9/10

Good graphics and sound | Plenty of combos to earn mad points

Some fans of spider-man may feel a bit short-changed from the light amount of in-depth content

Both players of Zen Pinball 2 as well as fans of Spider-Man are in for a treat as Venom is making his way as an add-on. But not just that, Carnage is also making his appearance as they both take on their arch enemy, Spider-Man. So what kind of mayhem should we expect?

Well, on top of the various ramps and bumpers you would expect from a pinball table, you also get things like the webbed ball and the spidey sense. The latter actually is convenient in telling your ball is in danger of falling off the table. You can use this as opportunity to nudge your table accordingly. It’s still tough to pull, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless. The webbed ball lets you save your ball to be used later on when you want to. This is especially useful if you’re on a role in getting points and you happen to lose your current ball, but you still want to continue the momentum.


In this Venom add-on, you have three major events that you play in. These can have you end up engaging in a mini-game where you will expose yourself to the background stories behind these characters. There are plenty of moments too to score big, especially when you can pull of three and four way combos, thereby potentially netting you to millions of points. It can be very encouraging and exciting at the same time.

However, in comparison to other Zen Pinball 2 tables, some players may feel that this one is a little short on content. There may not necessarily be as much as fans would expect in terms of having more Spider-Man goodness.


But as a pinball table, this one does have the dynamics and interest levels to keep things lively. You have a nice array of bright and solid colors with some pretty neat animations of the spider characters. Furthermore, the music and audio effects really make the whole ordeal outstanding and extraordinary.

The Venom add-on is a great way to enjoy your favorite Spider-Man characters in a familiar Zen Pinball 2 setting. It may not be the most elaborate in terms of offering in-depth content, but the excitement levels are definitely there. So if you’re down with this Marvel character, then prepare your $2.99 as this add-on makes it way soon for purchase.


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