Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

6.9 Overall Score
Presentation: 6/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Variety: 7/10

A diversity of hidden objects and puzzle games | Decent amount of visual detail

Overall presentation is kind of average | Plenty of bugs that need to be fixed

A couple years ago (to be precise, it would be in 2011), PC owners had the opportunity to play Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign.  It was a series of puzzle games presented in a classic-style adventure.  Now this very same game has been released as a downloadable title for the Playstation 3 in the Europe region.  Will this still have the same magical effect that it provided for the PC?

Voodoo Chronicles begins with a tribal village that gets massacred by group of deviant people.  In the process though, the latter actually ends up getting cursed themselves.  Then the story switches to the main character who happens to be a detective.  But this is no ordinary detective you’ll be controlling.  You actually possess the powers of voodoo and you have been hired to solve the mysterious murder of a gentlemen by the name of Mr. Coins.  And so your adventure begins.


In terms of the gameplay, Voodoo Chronicles essentially will have you pointing and clicking on objects for the purpose of finding solutions.  You have the option to choose between the Playstation 3 controller and the Move, which either way is easy to get used to.  It is just a matter of moving your cursor to the desired position and executing your choice with a touch of a button.  With a variety of puzzles and hidden object games, Voodoo Chronicles has the potential to keep you in tune with its diversity.  Some can cause you to feel a little light-headed because of its difficulty, but luckily clues are available to alleviate such a predicament.  However, access to such privileges is granted once you accomplish certain tasks or clicking on the creatures that you come across during the game.


While the puzzles themselves can be quite engaging, the bugs inherit within Voodoo Chronicles can hinder one’s enjoyment.  There could be times where the game does not detect or register any clicks you make within a puzzle, thus forcing you to restart.  It can get pretty annoying when such an occurrence takes place.  Another situation involving bugs is when you happen to skip or leave the carriage wheel puzzle.  This would lead to a corrupt saved file which means that you should finish this particular puzzle in one go.  Hopefully, there would be a patch that would address these issues.  But for now, just be aware of these types of things that can disrupt your gameplay.

Voodoo Chronicles consists mainly of still images with an above-average degree of detail and color implementations.  There’s very little animation, but that’s expected for a type of game like this.  The music playing in the background sounds kind of decent; however, it doesn’t successfully leave much of an impression.  Furthermore, the audio effects are pretty minimal while the voice acting is not necessarily the best I ever heard.  As a result, the overall presentation fares out to be satisfactory.


In retrospect, Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign can be quite entertaining with the number of hidden objects and puzzle games contained in this package.  However, the bugs could get in the way of your fun.  With any luck, patches would be released in the near future to address these issues.  Currently, this game is only available in Europe in the Playstation Store.  If you are into these types of point-and-click puzzle adventures, you could give this game a chance, granted you can overlook some of the potential hindrances related to its bugs.


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