When Vikings Attack

6.8 Overall Score
Presentation: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Longevity: 6/10

Great for casual and multiplayer sessions | Easy controls and simple rules

Repetivite gameplay | Not the most exciting visuals

Watch out as Vikings are coming to attack in Clever Beans’ latest developed game called When Vikings Attack.  You’ll be wrecking havoc and brawling all about on either your Playstation 3 or Vita.  So grab a couple of friends and start the attack of your own!

When you begin, you have a group of characters that you control, which is distinguished by a colored circle surrounding them.  The objective is to pick up objects and throw them at opponents.  Throughout the level, you’ll see objects lying around which you can use.  There may be elements that will add further difficulty including moving traffic and bombs.

You’ll be able to dash out of the way whenever an incoming object is being hurled at you with a simple press of the X button.  Additionally, you can perform this same command when you want to steal an object that your opponents are holding.  Once you do grab hold of an object, you want to refrain from performing the dash command since you’ll end up dropping it.  Conversely, if it so happens that your opponent throws something at you, you can catch and throw it back.

Another key rule to remember is that the more members in your group, the heavier and larger the object you can pick up.  What you end up with is a game that offers a very wild and uplifting experience.  This is especially the case with such controls that are easy to get used to and handle.

To add a little spice, When Vikings Attack also has different weapon types. While you do have the typical objects that you can pick up, you can run into those that explode upon impact, thereby inflicting damage to a greater area.  Also, there are paint projectiles that will actually make the team member that you hit join your group. So the tables can turn when you have a pretty beafy team that all of sudden reduces in number of members because of this particular weapon.

Besides the campaign, there are 3 main competitive modes you can engage in.  There’s the Free-For-All where you’re trying to competing to be the last one standing.  As well, you have Gold Rush where you earn gold by pulling off certain objectives against other teams.  Finally, in Vigilantes vs Vikings, you’ll take on one side in which case you’re simply battling just to stay alive.

While the game is simple enough, the receptiveness will start to creep in, thereby negatively affecting its longevity.  You can only go so far when you’re constantly picking up items and checking them at others.  It can start to grow old and stale, which is why When Vikings Attack would not exactly be appropriate for long sessions.  Nonetheless, engaging with up to three other friends either via the Playstation 3 or the Vita in any of the completive modes will help to keep things lively.  And when you consider that you can play online, you’ll still get some replay value out of this.

When Vikings Attack is not going to be blast you away with its visual effects.  But it’s still the type of game that is pleasing to look at.  The characters are presented in a cute manner with the artwork populated with some nice pastel colors.  Be it on the Playstation 3 or the Vita, When Vikings Attack has a decent appearance.  And even though the game can have a lot of clutter, you can easily distinguish between your team and each of your opponent’s with the effective color scheme that has been implemented.

When Vikings Attack’s repetitive nature may be a major turn off to players.  However, its simplicity and multiplayer features act as sweeteners to entice potential players.  When Vikings Attack is currently available for $9. which will get you both the home console and Vita versions.  So actually, you’re getting a really good bargain out of this.  If you’re looking for some mindless fun times with friends, pick up this game from the Playstation Network.


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