The Schedule of the JGGH Podcast(s)

Well, didn’t think I would be writing you folks again so soon, but here I am.  After sitting down and getting some great feedback and constructive criticism from some people (which we are always open to and in fact, want to hear) we are looking at our current Podcast schedule/set-up and adding to it to help meet the needs of the community.

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Starting on Sunday, the 21st of September, we will be upping the amount of podcasting goodness quite a bit.  There will be 4 short podcasts (slated to be right around 5 minutes apiece give or take) discussing no more than 2 quick topics throughout the week.  The exact schedule hasn’t been hammered out yet, however the way it looks is that there might be only two days a week without new audio-ness for you.

The first, largest, and only disclaimer that goes with this is: Colombiano and myself aren’t quite sure how well this will be pulled off, or if it will be too much work for us.  So 4 is a target/ballpark number, with flucuation from week to week as life intervenes to be expected.

Now, I don’t presume to speak for Colombiano (or anyone else on this site or planet for that matter) but I will be trying to stick to a simple format for my 2 short casts.  I will simply talk about one big game and one small game.  I will do my best to mix and match platforms as possible, but it all comes down to the information that I stumble across.

So with that said, look for more information come Sunday when I step up to the plate and deliver what I started, and as always look for the next Mondocast come Wednesday/Thursday.


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