Elite Could be Extinct?

So common knowledge tells you that there are three different kinds of 360's.   The Arcade, Pro and the Elite.  Now I can tell you that if I were going to buy a new 360 it would be an Elite.  It just seems logical. All the perks you get plus it seems that for some crazy reason the Elite does not Red Ring as often. Microsoft claims that the Red Ring issue is resolved. So could that be the reason for doing away with the Elite 360?

That's right Microsoft is letting the current Elite 360's on the market deplete to nothing.  Now the official reason is to only have two options for the 360, and save the Elite for special bundles such as the RE5 console coming out in just a few days.  I think that if that's the reason it's a fair and reasonable cause.   Or maybe it could be the worst decision Microsoft has made to date.  The reputation that precedes Microsoft and the RRoD is a very known and bad one to say the least.  For some reason people just know that when they buy a 360 to get an Elite.  The question is: What happens when there are no Elites?

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Sure they claim to have the RRoD “under control”.  Even in the fall there is yet another chip coming out (Valhalla) that makes the 360 run even cooler than the current (Jasper).  With that reputation that I was talking about do you think people believe them?  I'm not even sure that I would.  I wonder if this move by Microsoft could hurt sales.  I would like to think not.  The thing is, it has the potential to.  Do you think they may be getting ahead of themselves by just a touch?  Sony is far from being 'dead' and the Nintendo is just as popular today as it was when it launched.  So why does Microsoft make the choice to do away with their most popular model?  It's almost as smart as Sony taking away backwards compatibility.

Keep in mind that I have a tendency to make things more than what they are, but not this.  Granted, you will still be able to buy the 120GB HDD, but that's not the point.  The point is: Why become the Coyote when you're already the Roadrunner?


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