Sony. GO!

First of all I want all to know that I am doing this on Sony because Eric asked me to. Well Jack Tretton walks out on stage saying how Sony was awesome last year and how the psp is getting Little Big Planet. What ‘earth shattering’ news. He said that last year was a record breaking year for PlayStation and indeed it was, 9 million PS2’s were sold so yeah that is a record. He went on to say that 364 games will be released on the PS3 in the coming year. That is stupid to have that many games to come out over the next year. I bet that only about 10 will even get played.

They showed off the new Uncharted demo which shows Drake scaling the side of a hotel and zip lining across buildings. That is all that i saw on it but the first Uncharted was one of my few favorites on the PS3 and that was one reason why I would get one. Afterward they showed off MAG in a huge 256 played online battle and it was simply epic. Can you hear the march of war I can. With 256 people on a battle field, war is eminent. MAG will be released this fall.

Next followed the announcement of the new PSP called the PSP GO. It will be half the size and half the weight of the original PSP. 16 GB of internal memory.(Damn) Besides the DS I have never been a hand held person since the Game Gear way back when, but the GO might be my first hand held in over a decade. The also said that they are going to give the PSP it’s own Gran Tourismo. Running at 60 FPS and having over 800 cars and 35 tracks it might be up to part with it’s console predecessor. Solid Snake is also coming to the PSP with Metal Gear:Peace Walker. What will be a buy on the PSP will be the Resident Evil game.

Afterward they demoed the Assassins Creed 2 demo and it was the same demo they showed on the Ubisoft press Conference. Then they started talking about FF13 and then FF14. Okay I know that FF games come out every other day in Japan but two FF games at E3 is insane. 13 will be the normal FF that everyone knows and loves but 14 will be exclusive on the PS3 and will be like FF11 was on the 360 in the fact that it’s an online only game.

Then they gave me a reason to get a PS3 three words: THE LAST GUARDIAN.(I just pooped myself) It’s from Team ICO the people who brought us ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They make games that are truly EPIC in the true since of the word. After that they showed off Gran Tourismo 5 and all that I have to say to that is: NASCAR???

Then to close the show they showed off a live demo of God of War 3. It looks good but I really can’t tell any difference from this one compared to the others except that the blood is non stop. Of course this next year will have people buy games on the PS3 for games like GOW3 and Uncharted 2. It looks like the PS3 does have a few good game on its list for the next year but I’m counting, and it’s not 364.

B-dar out.


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