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Sine Mora is a side scrolling adventure game with some substance. As well as one I was surprised to enjoy… Read More »

By bdar5k, December 17, 2011 0

Volchaos is an ultra-challenging old school platformer. As a nameless explorer, you must navigate through dangerous volcanoes in search of precious gems you can use to pay off your mortgage, bad investments, and alimony. To further complicate matters, the lava is continuously rising and an array of enemies stands in your path. Will you become rich? Heck, you will be lucky to survive.

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Unlike some of the other tables for Pinball FX2 the Sorcerer’s Lair table a magical, almost RPG feel to the… Read More »

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Renegade Ops is a fast paced top down driving game that will have you taking turns at break neck speeds… Read More »

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started up BloodRayne: Betrayal. Being a newcomer to the series I… Read More »

By bdar5k, September 5, 2011 1

At first glance Take Arms looks like Castlevania took the Call of Duty route and went modern. The classic 2D… Read More »


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Terminator Salvation is the newest in the franchise. For the first time ever we are subjected to the war against the machines. The mere site of the machines is epic in it self. Since this is the first time we… Read More »

Sony. GO!

By bdar5k, June 2, 2009 0 Game News

First of all I want all to know that I am doing this on Sony because Eric asked me to. Well Jack Tretton walks out on stage saying how Sony was awesome last year and how the psp is getting… Read More »